Padding- Play On!

When evaluating ways to achieve quicker games, I reached some insightful conclusions. Summarized as

  1. “The Grey” is a complicated game,  but fun once player’s are versed.
    • Getting new player’s acquainted can be stale.
  2. I discovered a review of five, quality, long duration games; mentioned two with shorter scenarios, or a side run of condensed play.
    • Significant, since these games appear to be using short play factors as familiarity tools.
  3. The third aspect, is just that, the conclusion and expectations.
  • The Grey at heart, plays more like a board game. Jewels are like dice.
  • Make this an asset to the game. Build on simpler principles, rather than cramming it into an hour long class.
  • Allow myself to develop more art and sound to reflect the Story and promote visual representation of Character interplay that teaches player roles (Comic strips with representative cards in the footer).
  • This means audiences will get to see more Story and less Game for a while. And that will be engaging.

So what I meant by the word, “Padding”, used as the Title, is to form a landing spot for the player and the website.

By generating some forgiving, irregular parts of the game based on visual content, that should provide •soft• familiarity concepts and •Ah-ha• hidden lessons.

Thank you for Scoping, AggroPhene.

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