The Reluctant Dragon (cont.)

Were these the prehistoric Seas of an age when Gaia’s presence is not within the grasp of Storm’s sight, only feeling the warmth. The visions, rooted in Eddy’s memories instead.

Storm recalls the most intimate connection and peace with Gaia in these times. When the voices of other Spirits in the Sphere did not persuade such Elemental posturing from either of them… Or was that Theia…

No, the voices are beginning to be heard; this is not that age.

These course beings dance and raise frequencies into the place of light, and they send it out into the darkness. They bring about new life and celebrate life taken, as giving back to the “Turf” of their convening hordes.

They call to “Storm”, that he may rise from the depths of the Seas and bring about nurturing rains. They see that the crown weighs heavy upon Storm, and flecks of golden light fall to earth. They revel in the beauty that can arise from the elated conduct of such powerful chaotic forces.

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Let a friend, get tuned in.

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