Dragons-…Internal Strife:

The Dragon of Internal Strife: Exploring the “Storm” further.

We are living with the Dragon.

Or, at minimum; it is welcome upon our doorstep. But I digress…


I feel this is a good point to break away from the story, to update the audience on details

linking all this DRAGON verbiage, to the Graphic Novel Concept

(In it’s Greek Mythos guise),

and The Tabletop Card Game,

“The Grey”.


Storm takes the form of the Vapour Dragon discussed in Metempsychosis.

We continue to follow this vapor trail, as it leads us through the characters in

“The Reluctant Dragon” Story: Dragon, Knight, and Child.


Kevin “Vsauce” created a great Video on YouTube that describes the evolutionary reasoning behind Dragon tales.

The episode resolves with our modern, sympathetic Dragon, as Vsauce describes the characters of “The Reluctant Dragon”, as well.

What lies ahead? A glance at the new Dragons in our world, the Armored Knights who still confront them,

and the Child; which will invite the reader of the Graphic Novel to examine the Storm Story through a Child’s imagination.

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Let a friend, get tuned in.


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