DRAGON Hunting

The predator to Human survival is the Human expansion model.

As the world grows more congested and densely populated; the drive to be at the head of the pack increases.

Often, we lose sight of the real agendas in our attempts to influence decisions;

which can rarely be altered without disrupting complacent members of the pack.

The Complacent; who avoid strife by following policies they do not agree with, condemning themselves to “a necessary evil”, or “a means to an end”.

Complacently going through motions because that’s “how it’s always been done”, and “how we manage to all get along” without facing Dragons. Even those that only reside in our head.

Possibly, toying with the idea that their time is more important than the issue.

Their attribution: Concede through Conceit.


I posit, the issue resolved, will save them time one day; and continue to hinder all of us, unfettered.

If convinced, “it is none of our business”;

we have “no business” reaching for the head of the pack;.

..ill-prepared to improve conditions upon the path that lies ahead.


As some have worded it, “Join the status quo, or get left behind.”

Many that say this, hesitate in apprehension before stepping out on their own;

likely forgetting “what” they are marching toward and, “why?”, without guidance.

Only left with blurry agendas that can drive wedges into productivity,

due to increased fear of change from the complacent.


The undefined agendas can also diminish our ability to adapt

and remain confident when entering unfamiliar territory.

This is especially dangerous when we are forced, to take an independent route;

persuaded by unknown threats, that drive our deepest fears, of what lies ahead.


At some level, or some meeting,

you may find your peers have “Dragon” written all over them.

Please embrace the challenge of this exchange with the Dragon, O’ goodly Knight.

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