The Reluctant Knight

If the “Sympathetic Dragon” represents revolutionary knowledge that allows us to rise above our fears of the wild, as we are accepted into a community or group.

Then the “Knight” must represent a consciousness unifying the understanding of how the wilderness can be managed.

The Knight defines protective measures that can be taken to avoid injury from the unknown variables manifested from new and revolutionary concepts.

The Child’s creative thinking is likely to reduce concerns that the Dragon malicious intent; but also not see a problem with inviting the beast in to play. The Child lacks the armor of experience.


  • that allows all to share in the security of living with the Dragon,
  • or at least not seeing it as a threat to a noble cause.

The Knight is reluctant to draw his sword,

  • lest the Child’s innocence be stripped by witnessing impending violence. ending innocent relationships,
  • which do not regard differing species as a problem to friendship.
  • An innocence that the Knight respects, when demonstrating subdued behavior.

Sheathing the sword, out of respect for it’s destructive power,

not because the battle is too mighty to join.

Never forget how brightly our Armor can shine when polished by Love for community.

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Let a friend, get tuned in.

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