A Child’s Entrance

A Child entering a group:

When introduced to a group, the Child first perceives visual and auditory stimulus; moving toward personalities that glow with bright colors and/or display boisterous behavior. The Clowns.

As we grow, expanding our awareness of contradictions that make up our reasoning; we begin to distinguish desirable traits and expected behaviors of our associates. These are less tangible than a smile, or a scowl.

This alters how we are drawn toward a group, quickly identifying with individuals, based on ideas, not physical distinctions.

But the group must configure both ideas and physical factors, based on treatment of contrary and conducive behaviours that conceptually unifies the group, around a centralized way of thinking, acting, and appearance.

A conceptual reality that still differs internally for most members.

Basically, this promotes unnecessary complications and a need for more experience and use of nuanced thought, to become an accomplished member of a group. While the founders are making up rules to isolate them from the power of the group’s influence.

A place where pointing at symbols, signs, and policies; replaces words. A place haunted by bewildered emotional responses.

Most gain the basic comprehension of the group’s identity, but a higher understanding, through independent research or focused knowledge is rarely encouraged.

Frail Children that we are; We must don the Armor of our self-worth and wrestle with our Internal Dragons. Inviting the knowledge of terror and brutality that humanity is capable of, to nash its ugly teeth.

Can our unconscious behavior, with a Child’s lack of fear, lead to higher dimensional visibility? Could imagination be an otherworldly sight that most outgrow?

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