Ritual Motivation

Mankind can find peace in Spheres under a blanket of protection which some Creatures are attentive to maintain as a common practice of the role they play in this realm.

Other Creatures can be detrimental to Mankind’s prosperity, seeing more value in the fauna of the Sphere.

Storm and Forest are of that ilk. NOT really caring to improve conditions for Mankind.


Parameter check, before takeoff: Items needed for the Standard Game, 3-5 Players. 16 of each color jewel is in the draw bag. R/G/B -Deck (Red, Green, Blue). [42 cards]   •  30 Habitats   •  12 Mankind cards B/W -Deck. [24 cards]   •  18 Creatures (Black)   •  9 Artifacts/Spies (White) Bag of 24…

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