A Child’s Entrance

A Child entering a group: When introduced to a group, the Child first perceives visual and auditory stimulus; moving toward personalities that glow with bright colors and/or display boisterous behavior. The Clowns. As…

The Reluctant Knight

If the “Sympathetic Dragon” represents revolutionary knowledge that allows us to rise above our fears of the wild, as we are accepted into a community or group.

Then the “Knight” must represent a consciousness unifying the understanding of how the wilderness can be managed.

DRAGON Hunting

The predator to Human survival is the Human expansion model.

As the world grows more congested and densely populated; the drive to be at the head of the pack increases.

Often, we lose sight of the real agendas in our attempts to influence decisions;

which can rarely be altered without disrupting complacent members of the pack.

Dragons-…Internal Strife:

The Dragon of Internal Strife: Exploring the “Storm” further.

We are living with the Dragon.

Or, at minimum; it is welcome upon our doorstep. But I digress…


I feel this is a good point to break away from the story, to update the audience on details

linking all this DRAGON verbiage, to the Graphic Novel Concept

(In it’s Greek Mythos guise),

and The Tabletop Card Game,

“The Grey”.

The Reluctant Dragon

The Vapour Dragon takes shape, filled with the awareness of having existed in many incarnations. Thoughts of other worlds wrestle for acceptance as nerves connect to body-less visions; coalescing as a Spirit. A…

The Cyclops

“Who shall stand against this force that threatens to eat the Universe?” “Who will bring Spirits together with the structures of matter that expand from light?” Gaia has come to our Universe, announcing…

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