Creatures are comprised of two Elemental colors.

They play on a Mankind or Habitat card matching one of the Creatures two colors. They follow suit.

Standard Creature Card: One Ideal color (Red, Green or Blue)

and One Mystic color (Yellow, Orange or Purple).

By colonizing a Mystic Habitat in Space, Mankind and Creature can travel to a distant Sphere.

Then move to claim a matching Ideal or Mystic Habitat as their new home abroad.

Creatures can also be played alone, reinforcing Mankind in a separate play.

Once “Dawn” begins, moves from Space and Attacks must be made by a combined set (Mankind/Creature).

This awakens new strategies with horizontal play,

when Creatures lead the fray, cards move in a lateral way.

Acclimated and boosted by a Creature’s Elemental Forces,

Mankind can reach to widen their domain in a Sphere.


Blue Fluid Green Turf Red Heat

Creature Energy Cycles
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