• are invoked by, and travel through Space using, the energy of Grey Jewels.
  • also use Elemental Forces of Colored Jewels as part of consumption needs.


What is now shaping into an additional layer of activity for Space,

is creating Game play dynamics that add Levels of cost to enter the “Orbits” of Space.

For ultimately, the Players must break some plane to cross into another Sphere.

This will most likely be predefined by the Key and the Creatures Energy Cycle;

based on connections with Mankind, helping to avoid anticipation delays and keep the game moving.


Please continue to evaluate The Energy Cycles of Creatures Below.

Creatures exhibit an “Energy Cycle” pattern of behavior when in contact with Mankind.

Creatures find they must perform a reactive task to recharge the energy that allows them to appear in a physical state from Mankind’s perspective. This is the Creatures Mystical color property.

Next, the Creature enters a cycle of using garnered energies to benefit Mankind.

Energies are poured into a resource pool that is promoting Mankind’s environment and sustainability in Spheres. The Creature’s Ideal color property has become active.

Once these Ideal forces of nature are expended, the Creature seeks separation from Mankind’s prying eyes to harvest energies that allow for a new Mystic cycle.


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