Player’s have constructed their Spheres.

Space has done the same;

providing Player’s with matching colored Habitats for Mankind to Colonize.

Next, the Player moves Mankind to a matching colored “Slot” in Space,

if available.

The matching colored Jewel stays behind, in the Player’s Sphere as Exhaust; a resource that has been depleted.

Exhausted Jewels are shifted from left to right across the “Transom”; above the slot Mankind exits.

[   ]>[   ]>[   ]

This allows tracking of the card back to it’s Elemental origin.

Mankind’s arrival in a matching colored “Slot” in Space, grants the Player a Grey Jewel.

  • This grey Jewel becomes a toll fee payment for a Creature to join matching Mankind in that “Slot”.
  •  …Or the grey Jewel is returned to the Player, if Mankind departs Space for a matching “Slot” in an opponent’s Sphere. In this case, the invaded Player receives a gift of a colored Jewel (color of your choice), to enter their Sphere.
  • And both of these cases, only exist when entering a “Slot” without a Creature.
Creature Tamer: Player's Send Elemental Spirit Aid
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